Is Google Adwords Draining Your Digital Marketing Budget With High PPC Cost? How To Reduce Money Spent on Pay Per Click?

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Local SEO is Important

Why is Local SEO so important to businesses that want to grow? Everybody wants traffic. Traffic equals calls and enquiries. Calls equal sales. It’s all good. But how do you drive traffic to your website if you are in a very competitive niche where PPC cost is sky-high?

Google Adwords Anyone?

Tough one, isn’t it? I have been there. There was a time when I decided to experiment with Google Adwords in the cleaning industry. I wanted to increase the online exposure of my London cleaning company’s website Boy, those pounds were flying into Google’s pockets faster than anything I had ever seen. The ROI? Close to negative. Didn’t have the impact I expected and needed. The end result – is a disappointment and a U-turn back to good old organic search engine optimisation.

For me, it was a no-brainer and a much more sustainable solution. With AdWords, you lose your traffic 100% the minute you stop paying for clicks. Done.

Organic Search Results Are Still Trusted More Than Paid Ads

If you optimise a local business website to rank high in the organic Google local search results, you will see a steady increase in the SERP. This brings you calls and web bookings. You are in business.

Even if you stop doing SEO, your phone will keep ringing for a few months before you get naturally overtaken by all your competitors (local businesses in the same niche) who keep optimizing their websites.

With natural/organic Search Engine Optimization, you see results a few months after you start the work. However, you get those months back when you stop doing SEO. So no loss here.

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